If you are being led by the Spirit of the LORD
to pay your Tithe, Offering or First-Fruit into this Ministry,
do so using any type of payment method that suits you below:

You may go straight to drop your Tithe, Offering or First-fruit
in any of these banks' branches nationwide and internationally:
Account Name: Pastor Adeyemo O. Olufemi
Guaranty Trust Bank: 0132171651 (Naira)

Guaranty Trust Bank: 0032832328 (Domicilliary - Dollar, Pound & Euro)
First Bank: 3042554379 (Naira)
Union Bank: 0040342026 (Naira)

First Century Bank (US Bank Checking Account): 4019258137544 (Dollar, Pound & Euro)
ABA#: 061120084 (Bank Routing Number)
WireCard Bank, Germany: DE69512308006500003134 (IBAN - Pound & Euro)

or perhaps you may find it strenous going to the bank,
you can however make instant payment through your
ATM Debit Card - Interswitch, Verve, Visa, eTranzact & Mastercard below:

Note: Please do not put Naira sign, Comma or Dot in the amount
i. e N50,000.00 => 50000,...... N25,000.00 => 25000, N5,000.00 => 5000 etc


You can also make deposit in DOLLAR by making instant deposit through
Perfect Money account for those living (abroad) in United State of America:

Note: Please do not put Dollar sign, Comma or Dot in the amount
i. e $50,000.00 => 50000, ......$25,000.00 => 25000, $5,000.00 => 5000 etc

Make PerfectMoney payment in Euro below - for those living in Europe.
Note: Please do not put Euro sign, Comma or Dot in the amount
i. e €50,000.00 => 50000, .........€25,000.00 =>25000, €5,000.00 => 5000 etc

Pay by OKPAY payment system below:

USD ($) OKPAY Payment Button EUR (€) OKPAY Payment Button

Pay by EGOPAY payment system below:

Pay in USD here Pay in EURO here

Send Your Paymet to our Bitcoin or Litecoin Address below:

Our Bitcoin Address: 1BMvFU3UL7GfFAK9cEnkf5ayZ5eq8Hji7X
Our Litecoin Address: LR4AHxNMkNFWEi4P52CR23uBXuLTiFZ7f8

Thanks for dropping your tithe, offering or first-fruit as commanded,
may the REWARDER of those who are obedient and dilligently seek Him
visit your efforts with success and prosperity in Jesus name, amen.

If you don't mind, after sending your seed, please send us your
Names, Location and Prayer requests,
we do pray for all those that drop their seeds into our ministry always
and, we know and believe that the owner of this ministry
will visit your life with uncommon miracles, signs and wonders in Jesus name, amen.