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Jesus is our Lord and Savior, God is our Father, Holy Spirit our Guidance, Counsellor and everlasting Companion!  The WORD of God is the best shortcut for your life, love to learn it and learn to love it - Hebrews 4:12. Your life is not an accident but a project of grace, get it right on time because failure is a disaster to your destiny.  To be awake or asleep has a way of blessing people or impoverishing them; discerning the time to be awake or asleep is a mystery you have to unravel before you can succeed in life - Proverbs 19:15; 24:30-34. WORRY-if not well handled, is an assassing of tomorrow and a destroyer of today - Matthew 6:25-34.

God needs dynamic and uncompromising ministries and ministers that are consistent in the messages relevant to the challenges of today's generation.
You are welcome!
This Site is updated monthly, please endeavor to visit always for FRESH WORD from the Lord and your life shall be REFRESHED in Jesus name, amen.

Count Down To Eternity!!!
* Are you saved?
* Are you preparing for that GREAT day?
* Where are you currently located in HIS plan for the World?
* What are you doing with your life?
* How far have you gone?
* How well have done?
Consider this seriously, the time of grace is tickling away by second!




If you have testimony(ies) that worth sharing with the brethren for all to be encouraged and strenghtened in their faith towards God that answereth by fire and also to rejoice with you so that the name of the Lord might be exalted. Go to our contact page and send it through the form on the page. Select "Testimonies" and it shall be published as soon as we receive it.- In not more than 350 words..


This testimony was recently sent to me. It's about a young man - he's a police officer and one of my children in the Lord. He has problem in completing his house project. All efforts to finish this house keep failing but when he sent sms to me and later called, I only gave a short revealing counselling and he confirmed it and I told him that he does not need to sell a property to establish another one. It must be an additional and not an exchange. He still sent emails to me telling me that he has not been able to be granted a fund he needed for the completion of the project and I prayed for him replying his email twice and on 22nd of July 2012, he sent a text message to me which reads: "The Lord is good, especially to my family, 3 days ago we roof the house built at Ede"

I don't know what you want God to do for you, nobody is asking you to pay or give anything, what it only costs you are "humility and faith in your heart". Send across your own prayer request and the Owner of this ministries will attend to your case without delay.


 Locating your place in God is the gateway to all manners of blessings.

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