God is our Father, Jesus is our Lord and Savior, Holy Spirit our Guidance, Counsellor and everlasting Companion!  The WORD of God is the best shortcut for your life, love to learn it and learn to love it - Hebrews 4:12. Your life is not an accident but a project of grace, get it right on time because failure is a disaster to your destiny.  To be awake or asleep has a way of blessing people or impoverishing them; discerning the time to be awake or asleep is a mystery you have to unravel before you can succeed in life - Proverbs 19:15; 24:30-34. WORRY-if not well handled, is an assassing of tomorrow and a destroyer of today - Matthew 6:25-34.
Count Down To Eternity:


* Are you saved? * Are you preparing for that GREAT day? * Where currently are you located in HIS plan for the World? * What are you doing with your life?
* How far have you gone? * How well have you done? Consider these seriously, the time of grace is tickling away by second!


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Month: November 2016
Topic: What are your expectations?
Bible Text: So shall the knowledge of wisdom be with your soul; when you have found it, then there shall be a reward, and your expectation shall not be cut off." Proverbs 24 vs 14
Message: All glory be to the Almighty Jehovah Elshaddai who has given us the privilege to be among the
living souls. This is the eleventh month of twelve thresholds on 2016 ladder and we are still
climbing in spite of all assaults from the enemies, God has being our Shield, Refuge, Provider
and Sustainer. He alone is worthy of our praises, honor and adoration.

His word for us this month is in the form of question which if we answer honestly, we will do
a lot of re-focusing, re-targeting and adjust a lot in our life-styles and expectations from
man and God.

Each day when you wake up in the morning, what are your expectations? Do you know that
some people do not expect anything special other than whatever the day will bring forth? Do you
know that some do not have good expectations as the day breaks in? When their phone rings, their
hearts skip a beat thinking that it must be a form of bad news from whoever and wherever. This happens as a result of the infiltrations of bad thoughts in their hearts always, it may be as a result of their past experiences as they grow up or the kind of knowledge they have accumulated about life generally and about God. When you were taught that God can just kill you and your family one day, then your expectation of life and God can never be positive! The truth is that the God we serve - Jehovah Elshaddai is an infinite intelligent being who would not start a project and at the same time be the detroyer of it; it does not make sense to a mere man talk-less of an all-wise compassionate God, the Father of creations. if you have ever had an important personal project before, you will definitely understand what I am talking about, in other words, your life is a project of grace in God's hands. It is your perception about HIM that is totally wrong as a result of all wrong teachings/knowledge you have been fed with.

If you did not offend God to a point where you can be likened to "PHARAOH - the second", know that our God is a loving God. He is compassionate in all His dealings. Read through the Bible, everything you would read about JESUS is a preview of what our God is and will ever be. Let your focus, priorities and expectations about life and God change positively and you would enjoy Him, He is the paramount controller of heaven and the earth. God is merciful and the wicked that will perish are the ones that are adamant remaining in the acts of wickedness, not willing to change until they found themselves in the grave. Most of our prayer requests to God show that we are selfish, self-centered and proud. Your expectations will surely reflect your motives to God, thoughts about life and people around you. All you need is to get enough and accurate information that will lead to true knowledge about who God is, what this life is all about and the reasons why
you are surrounded by the people, albeit, all these can be found only in the word of God - BIBLE, the oldest book, any other book outside the perimeter of "Genesis and Revelations" is an idea from man no matter how well duplicated from the scriptures.

Jesus is the wisdom of God sent not only to show us who the Father really is but also to demonstrate physically what God can do and what He will not do no matter what. Brethren, let your expectations daily match up with the word of God and as you confess it positively both in your heart and with your mouth, it will surely direct your life and also prevail in your situations. All these being as it is, then be rest assured that those your expectations shall not be cut off. Everything you are going through today is just a passing phase and it is a matter of time, read what God said in His word "For surely, there is an end; and your expectation shall not be cut off"
Proverbs 23 vs 18

Really, no one can be disappointed if such has no expectation of anything, therefore do these things daily:

1. Have goodly and godly expectations everyday as you wake up and go out there.

2. Know and understand this in your heart, brain and subconsciousness that God is good and will ever be. He understands every individual both in their strengths and weaknesses. He is merciful who will always supply us the grace needed in the time we are at our lowest ebb. GRACE is an empowerment of the Holy Spirit to make us live up to God's standard and expectations (that is then true definition of grace) because God will not lower His standard because of anybody, not even MOSES enjoyed this as He was dealt with when He erred with all His knowledge about God having allowed people around him pushed him beyond his limit against God.

3. When your focus, priorities and expectations are set right and placed within the perimeter of the word of God and His perfect will, it is most likely you have all your expectations met without delay except for the "Time and Season" frames.

4. Feed your spirit-man with the word of God every morning before going out and every time you have a free time (you can make out a time out of your schedule) because it is your spirit-man that serves as an intersect between your soul and body, between you (body, soul and spirit). When your spirit-man is well fed with the word of God, it becomes God-inclined and alive to HIM, always ready to receive from the Holy Spirit for divine directions but when your spirit is dead, no life transmission and communications between you and God anymore.

5. Be hopeful always in God. Don't forget that "Jesus Christ who lives in us is the hope of glory. Have absolute faith in God that He CAN do all things but He WILL not do all things if not conceived and confessed according to His perfect will. Surrender to Jesus if you have not, HELL and HEAVEN are REAL. Shalom
Prayer Points:
1. Thank you Lord for sending your word to me. I am indeed grateful to you because you love me.
2. Thank God for everything He has brought you through, mountains that were levelled, destroying the plans of the enemies over your life.
3. Ask that the Lord would help you now and always to set your priorities and expectations in line with your word.
4. According to His word that your expectations shall not be cut off, pray that your expectations according to His will be speed up in fulfillment in your life in Jesus name.
5. His word says: surely there is an end; pray that God should put an end to every unpleasant situations in your life today in Jesus name.
6. Take your authority as a child of God and destroy every satanic strongholds in your life, thoughts and circumstances in Jesus name.
7. Many people are waiting to see God's miracles and glory manifesting in your life, therefore pray that the Lord should arise and manifest Himself in you and through your life in Jesus name.
8. Ask the Lord to help you live for Him alone all the days of your life and doing His will to be your utmost desire in Jesus name.
9. Ask God to give your Country a divine visitation to destroy every works of darkness so that His kingdom will reign in Jesus name.
10. Remember us too in your prayers as you are led by God and close it all by including your personal prayer points. May the Almighty God answer our prayers in Jesus name.

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