Hello Brethren,

I am Pastor Olufemi O. Adeyemo of Life-Witness Gospel Ministries Int’l, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, West Africa, the ministry that started in 1998, I got ordained in 2001 and commissioned for the work of the Lord. And since then we have been moving forward. Thank God many lives have been touched, converted and won into God's kingdom to the glory of His Holy name but we need a place to nurture, teach, train and make them grow properly in the Lord so that they will not be carried away by the winds of false doctrines pervading the world today.

We thank God for seeing us through to this stage. May His name be glorified for ever in our lives and ministries. For everything in life, there is a time and a season (Ecclesiastes  3 vs 1). We thank God for what He has been doing in our Ministry, many lives have been touched, sinners converted and the poor are blessed. This is a God-ordained ministry commissioned to win the lost souls back into the kingdom of God through the salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ according to 2 Corinthians 5 vs 17 which stated that "Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he's a new creature, old things are passed away, behold all things are become new."

Although we have started this ministry since 1998 and started working to reach people online since 2003 but our website came on the Internet by 2010. Since then our rate of reaching more people globally has increased tremendously as you can see from our visitors’ stats and the flags of the countries where our website has been accessed and still being accessed daily. It wasn’t our making, it is God. Although there were lots of pressures from genuinely concerned brethren who were wondering why we were delaying having the worship arm of our ministry, we know it is right but we need to wait on God for direction since we are not the owner of this ministry, our EMPLOYER - God must give order and direction while we just have to follow it to the letter. After many years of operating without worship centre because we were waiting on Him for direction, God has finally ministered to us to start our worship centres: "Dayspring Sanctuary" but we need a lot of resources most especially funds to purchase Ministry land on a location, Church buildings - Adults, Youths, Teens and Children, church offices, other necessary accessories needful for a decent worship centre where people of God will worship, praise, serve and magnify the name of the Lord and Youth Empowerment Centre - where the youths will be given Skills acquisition, Wealth creation and Entrepreneurship. We understand God will not come down to drop money but He will use people like you to fulfil the vision and assist us in anyway you can, no amount is too big or small to contribute to the Kingdom of God, He blesses.

I told you we have mandate for the Youths in the area of Training and Empowerment to make their future secure, hopeful and well established both in the area of Financial Empowerment and Trouble-free Marriage. These ones are the future of the Church and our Nations worldwide therefore we cannot afford to lose them to the Devil, his cohorts and their nefarious activities by hijacking their potentials, gifts and talents but instead we can guide these youths on how to use it to the glory of God and win more souls of their calibre into the kingdom of God so that the future of our generation can be sure and certain. Since God has started ministering to us about it now and we felt we should get across to you concerning everything we needed to start. Remember we not only need to build just a worship centre but must combine it with Youth Empowerment Centre where the youths irrespective of their age, profession, educational background, race or color shall be given Skills Acquisition, Wealth Creation and Entrepreneurship in order to secure their future and fulfil their destiny to its full potentials.

All of these and many more that we will not bother you about now are what we have been mandated to do but since you know that all these will cost a great deal of resources (capital) and God will not drop money from heaven, it is people like you He will use to carry out all theses to the glory of His holy name. Hence the reason why we are calling on you people of God to rise up to our aids. We need money for all these but first we need a place where we can gather together for proper teachings and training in the Word of God for a better understanding and for the fear of God to rule in their hearts. We need a well equipped place where we can do our best to help the youths realise their dreams so that we don't lose them to the world and the enemy of mankind - killing and destroying lives and properties in the nations and the world at large today as we are witnessing (John 10:10).

We implore you to please allow yourself to be used by God in helping us to do these successfully and I know that God, the owner of this ministry will meet you at the point of your real needs in Jesus name, Amen. Soul-winning and retaining them in the Kingdom till rapture is the very heart-beats of God. May God bless you as you do and I pray that your long-awaited expectations/needs shall be met in Jesus name, Amen. No amount is too big and no amount too small if Jesus could reckoned mostly with that Widow's mite and commended her for a selfless service to God “(Mark 12 vs 42), then yours shall not go unnoticed but shall be greatly rewarded in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

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You are blessed in Jesus mighty name, Amen.


Pastor Olufemi O. Adeyemo


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